Huni Kuin 2023

We concluded the year 2023 with great satisfaction by completing another significant project in partnership with Água AMA, from Ambev. We returned to Acre, bringing our services to ensure access to potable water in the Municipality of Jordão. We implemented Camelo Centers at strategic points, including schools, daycare centers, hospitals, health posts, cultural centers, community points, and numerous residences. These high-capacity filtration systems ensure that the water consumed is safe and clean, meeting the daily needs of various families. To ensure the effectiveness of the implementations, we conducted workshops with dozens of families, educating them on the use and maintenance of the systems. We had the honor of engaging in enriching exchanges with local leaders, which helped us better understand the community’s needs and priorities. Our goal was to create a positive social and environmental impact, improving the quality of life in Jordão. We thank everyone involved in this transformative project and reaffirm our ongoing commitment to contributing to a more sustainable future.

"First of all, I thank you for this work that is coming, it is something new. Without water, you can't live or nourish yourself either."

Ibã Huni Kuin

Chief of the Xiku Kurumim Village

"As a mother with a child in this school, I am happier knowing that my child is drinking quality water."

Samaria Aragão

School Coordination