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Pequenas Empresas & Grandes Negócios

Água Camelo is invited to the UN Water Conference.

It is the first time in 46 years that the organization meets to discuss the topic.

Folha de S.Paulo

Friends create a kit to bring drinking water to favelas, semi-arid regions, and the Amazon.

João Manuel Piedrafita and Rodrigo Belli built the foundation of Água Camelo in college, finalists in the Social Entrepreneur in the Innovation for the 21st Century category.


University students from RJ take backpacks that purify water to help Yanomami villages.

Equipment can filter up to 15 liters of water and will be sent to 30 villages.


Rodrigo Belli is Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2020.

Young people who made a difference in one of the most challenging periods in our history in 15 categories.

The Brazilian Report

The Brazilian startup helping the Yanomami access drinking water.

Água Camelo bridges the gap between companies wanting to fund such projects and communities needing realistic ways to clean water resources in remote places.

Jornal Nacional

Innovative water treatment project supports the crisis in Yanomami land.

Backpacks with the capacity to store and filter up to 15 liters of water at a time reach areas where polluted water causes diarrhea, vomiting, and worm infections.

Folha de S.Paulo

Expedition sees the impact of drinking water in indigenous villages in Acre.

Partnership between Água Camelo startup and Ambev provides treated water access to Amazon communities, part of a program that should benefit 1 million Brazilians by 2025.

Folha de S.Paulo

“Do you know what it’s like to pay on credit for water?” asks a educator from a Rio favela.

Cintia Nogueira notes the impact of Água Camelo backpacks, finalists in the Social Entrepreneur in the Innovation for the 21st Century category.

Jornal Nacional

Young people present innovations that improve water quality.

An idea in mind, a backpack on their backs, and a technology that already makes a difference in some Brazilian communities where there is no potable water was born.

Valor Econômico

Startup attracts capital with treatment solutions.

ESG agenda strengthens action in water and energy resource management.

Folha de S.Paulo

Humanitarian aid to the Yanomami ranges from health hubs to water filter kits.

NGOs diagnose that food is not enough and seek support from companies, startups, and campaigns to tackle the crisis in the indigenous territory.