Sateré Mawé 2023

In October 2023, we traveled across Brazil to provide clean water access to six indigenous villages of the Sateré Mawé ethnicity in Maués, Amazonas. This project was carried out in partnership with Água AMA (Ambev) and the Indigenous Health District (DSEI). We implemented two Water Distribution Points, enabling large-scale distribution of treated water for the villages. Additionally, we distributed 60 Camelo Kits to families, a product that addresses four essential stages to ensure quality water: collection, transportation, storage, and filtration. Through these actions, we impacted the lives of 135 families, providing clean water access to more than 740 people. Due to the isolation of these communities, the boat crossing from Manaus to Maués took over 32 hours. These challenges remind us why we do what we do: to promote health and quality of life through access to potable water.

"This technology that Água Camelo brought here into the reserve is very interesting and easy to handle, which will help them a lot. With this technology that Água Camelo brought, it gives the indigenous people the possibility to carry their own little bag, fill it with water from the river, and have access to quality drinking water."

Rafael Dutra

Doctor DSEI

"Thank you once again for this meeting, for the human connection, for being humanized, for wanting to help people and join us. Because that's what we're here for, to help people, to protect and take care of each other."

Jefferson Santos

Local coordinator