Yawanawá 2022

In 2022, Água Camelo implemented a project during the Mariri Yawanawá Festival, ensuring quality water for all indigenous people and visitors. We were responsible for managing the water supply for approximately 800 people during the five days of the festival. According to the leaders’ reports, this was the first festival without any waterborne diseases. In partnership with Água AMA and the Yawanawá Sociocultural Association, we installed high-capacity water distribution centers at three different locations. Additionally, we distributed Camelo Kits in various community areas, aiming to improve the population’s quality of life. The initiative stood out for its efficiency and positive impact, providing better health and well-being for the festival participants and the local community.

"I am very happy that we have the possibility of having a filter that is modern yet very simple and easy to handle. I think it’s exactly what we need."

Shaneihu Yawanawá


"Having a project like this in the village gives us a new opportunity to work on awareness, care, and the appreciation of a purpose that is to help a community. To see a people living in the forest and healthy."

Júlia Yawanawá